Rudolf Dellinger

German composer and conductor: born 8 July, 1857 in Graslitz (now Kraslice, Bohemia); died 24th September 1910 in Dresden

Stage works

  1. Don Cesar (Operetta; 3 acts; Libretto by Otto Walther adapted from Don César de Bazan by Philippe Dumanoir and Adolphe d'Ennery); Carl Schultze-Theater Hamburg, 28 March, 1885; American adaptation by William von Sachs, Jr.; Wallack's Theatre, New York, 28 May, 1886 (26 perfs);(revised version by H. Weißbach after O. Walther) Dresden, Residenztheater 1935; revised as Spanisches Abenteuer; Hildesheim, Stadttheater, 22 April 1957

  2. Lorraine (Operetta; 3 acts; Libretto by Oscar Walther); Carl Schultze-Theater, Hamburg, 2 October, 1886; English adaptation by William J. Henderson; Star Theatre, New York 28 February, 1867 (14 perfs)

  3. Capitain Fracassa (Operetta; 3 acts; Libretto by F. Zell and Richard Genée after Th. Gautier); Carl Schultze-Theater Hamburg, 2 March, 1889

  4. Saint Cyr (Operetta; 3 acts; Libretto by Otto Walther after Alexandre Dumas Sr); Carl Schultze-Theater, Hamburg,
    10 January, 1891

  5. Die Chansonette (Operetta; 3 acts; Libretto by Victor Léon and H. v. Waldberg); Residenztheater, Dresden, 16 September, 1894

  6. Jadwiga (Operetta; 3 acts; Libretto by Richard Pohl and P. Hirschberger after E. Scribe, Les diamants de la couronne); Residenztheater, Dresden, 5 October, 1901

  7. Der letzte Jonas (Operetta; 3 acts; Libretto by Richard Pohl and L. Ascher) Residenztheater, Dresden, 2 April, 1910