Cover to the Vocal ScoreKATINKA

Music by Rudolf Friml: Book & Lyrics by Otto Harbach
44th Street Theatre 23 December 1915 (220 perfs)
First produced at the Park Theatre, Morristown, NJ 2 December, 1915
Shaftesbury Theatre, London - 30 August, 1923 (108 perfs)


Out of a sense of duty Katinka has married Boris Strogoff, the Russian ambassador to Austria. Her real love is Ivan Dimitri, an attaché. Ivan's American friend, Thaddeus Hopper helps Katinka escape and hides her in his house. When Mrs Hopper becomes suspicious and angry, Hopper pays Arif Bey to conceal Katinka in his harem. By error, Mrs Hopper is placed in the harem. At a Viennese café the principals are all gathered. When a lady named Olga announces she is Boris' lawful wife, a happy ending follows.

Musical Numbers

Act I

  1. Vienna Girls - Ivan and Chorus
  2. The Bride - Boris, Katinka, Tatiana and chorus
  3. One Who Will Understand - Katinka and chorus
  4. Katinka - male quartet
  5. In A Hurry - Thaddeus Hopper and chorus
  6. 'Tis the End - Ivan and Katinka
  7. Russian Dance

Act II

  1. Charms Are Fairest When Hidden - Olga and chorus
  2. Your Photo - Mrs Hopper and boys
  3. Allah's Holiday - Olga and chorus
  4. The Weekly Wedding - Mr and Mrs Hopper
  5. I Want All the World To Know - Ivan
  6. Circassian Dance
  7. Rackety-Coo! - Katinka and chorus 


  1. My Paradise - Ivan
  2. Ballet Divertissement
  3. Mignonette - Russian Dance
  4. I Want To Marry A Male Quartet - Mrs Hopper and boys
  5. Skidikiscatch - Hopper, Katinka, Ivan, Knopf, Arif and Olga
  6. I Can Tell By The Way That You Dance, Dear - Mrs Hopper and girls


Varenka - Katinka's maid
Petrov - an old servant to Boris
Boris Strogoff - Russian Ambassador to Austria
Katinka - his bride
Tatiana - Katinka's mother
Ivan Dimitri - (Katinka's sweetheart), an attaché to the Russian Ambassador
Thaddeus Hopper - a wealthy American
Halif - a Circassian slave-trader
Knopf - manager Café-Turkois-in-Vienna
Abdul - a harem assistant
Arif Bey - warden of Izzet Pasha's harem
Olga (Nashan) - first wife to Boris
Mrs Helen Hopper - Thaddeus Hopper's wife
M. Pierre - porter at the Hôtel Riche, Constantinople

Guests, travellers, visitors, Austrian and Russian officers, Vienna dancers, American and Turkish girls, bridesmaids, flower-girls, slave-girls, barmaids, serving-maids, flunkies, waiters, etc., etc.