You're in Love

A Musical play in 2 acts. Book and Lyrics by Otto Hauerbach and Edward Clark. Music by Rudolf Friml

Casino Theatre, New York - Opened 6th February, 1917; closed 30th June, 1917 (167 performances)

Musical Numbers

  1. Overture
  2. Opening Chorus - "The itinerary, that's the very thing we want to see! ..."
  3. Duet - Lacey and Dorothy - "Father said, 'Never wed, never while you have good sense!' ..."
  4. Song - Georgina and Chorus - "Love, love, from Noah's time to now, has puzzled sage, fool and saint..."
  5. Song - Mrs. Payton - "A leopard cannot change its spots, that's sure as death and taxes..."
  6. Trio - Georgiana, Dorothy and Lacey - "I am afraid 'tis not the fashion for any maid to tell her passion..."
  7. Mignonette
  8. Song - Hobby and Chorus - "I'm feeling ... well, not exactly jaunty..."
  9. Quartet - Mrs. Payton, Brewster, Hobby & Georgiana - "There must be no form of wooing, either physical or mental..."
  10. Song - Mr. Wix - "Some men get married, and others are born in luck! ..."
  11. Finale Act I - "Is it true?  Is it true?  Is there going to be a wedding? ..."
  12. Entr'acte
  13. Opening Act 2 Chorus and Solo - "We'll drift along, just drift along the path that trails the golden moon..."
  14. Song - Lacey and Chorus - "A motto now and then is heeded, by the best of men conceded..."
  15. Duet - Georgiana and Hobby - "Dearie, I'm lonesome, I'm lonesome for you..."
  16. Song - Mr. Wix and Chorus - "Once in Soudan sunny I beheld a funny dance called Boo-la..."
  17. Song - Captain and Sailors - "My love-ship seems drifting, my love-tide seems shifting..."
  18. Snoring Duet - Lacey and Dorothy, with Mrs. Payton - "Something sounded queer, sounded very near..."
  19. Introduction to "I'm only Dreaming"
  20. Dreaming Song - Georgiana and Chorus - "Walking!  I'm really walking, I'm really walking and talking, tho' I'm fast asleep..."
  21. Finale Act II - "Some strange peculiar feeling o'er you comes slowly stealing..."

Cast of Characters

  • Judge Brewster
  • Lacey Hart
  • Dorothy
  • Mrs. Payton
  • Georgiana
  • Hobby Douglas
  • Mr. Wix
  • Captain
  • Deck Steward
  • Stewardess
  • Passengers, Sailors

Scenes and Settings

  • ACT I  -   Santa Monica Hotel, Southern California. 
  • ACT II  -   On board the S.S. "High Hope" - Three days out. 


The Donkey Serenade. For four-part chorus of men's voices with piano accompaniment ... By R. Friml - H. Stothart [or rather, adapted by Herbert Stothart]. ... Marlowe. [Staff and tonic sol-fa notation.]