Jean Gilbert (Max Winterfeld)

German composer and conductor. Born Hamburg 11 February, 1879; Died Buenos Aires 20 Decmber, 1942

Stage Works

  1. Der Prim Regent - Berlin (1903)

  2. Die keusche Susanne (book and lyrics by Georg Okonkowski) - Magdeburg (1910). as The Girl In the Taxi (book and Lyrics Frederick Fenn and Arthur Wimperis - Lyric Theatre, London 5 September, 1912

  3. Das Autoliebchen - Thalia-Theater, Berlin (1912); as The Joy-Ride Lady- New Theatre London (105 perfs)

  4. Die elfte Muse - Hamburg (1912); as Die Kinokönigen (Book and Lyrics by Julius Freund and Georg Okonowski) - Thalia-Theater, Berlin 1913; as The Cinema Star (book by Jack Hulbert, lyrics by Harry Graham, additional lyrics by Percy Greenbank) - Shaftesbury Theatre, London 4 June 1914; as The Queen of the Movies (lyrics by Edward E. Paulton) - Globe Theatre, New York 12 January 1914 (104 perfs)

  5. Püppchen

  6. Die Tangoprinzessin - Thalia-Theater, Berlin 1913

  7. Wenn die Frühling kommt (1914)

  8. Die moderne Eva - with Victor Holländer (book and lyrics by Georg Okonkowski and A. Schönfeld) - Casino Theatre, New York - 3 May 1915 (56 perfs)

  9. Aritonda (1916)

  10. Die Frau im Hermelin (Book & lyrics by Rudolf Schanzer and Ernst Welisch) - Thalia-Theater, Berlin (1919); as The Lady of the Rose (book by Frederick Lonsdale. Lyrics by Harry Graham and Frederick Lonsdale. Additional songs by Leslie Stuart and Sigmund Romberg - Daly's Theatre, London 21 February, 1922; as The Lady in Ermine (Book by Frederick Lonsdale and Cyrus Wood. Lyrics by Harry Graham and Cyrus Wood) Ambassador Theatre, New York 2 October 1922, transferred to Century Theatre, New York 29 January, 1923 (238 perfs)

  11. Katja die Tänzerin (Book & lyrics by Leopold Jacobson and Rudolph Österreicher - Vienna 1922; as Katja the Dancer (Book by Harry Graham and Frederick Lonsdale, Lyrics by Harry Graham) - Gaiety Theatre, London 21 February, 1925; as Katja - 44th Street Theatre, New York 18 October, 1926 (112 perfs)

  12. Eine Nacht in Kairo (1928)

  13. The Red Robe (Based on the novel Under the Red Robe by Stanley Weyman: Book by Harry B. Smith and Edward Delaney Dunn, Lyrics by Harry B. Smith. - Sam S. Shubert Theatre, New York 25 December, 1928; transferred to Jolson's Theatre 13 May 1929 (167 perfs)

  14. Hotel Stadt-Lemberg - Book & lyrics by Ernst Neubach. Based on the novel by Lajos Biró. Adapted by Harry B. Smith and Harry Clarke. 46th Street Theatre, New York 3 March 1932 (12 perfs)