Cover to piano selectionThe Lady of the Rose

Die Frau im Hermelin (Book & lyrics by Rudolf Schanzer and Ernst Welisch) - Thalia-Theater, Berlin (1919); as The Lady of the Rose (book by Frederick Lonsdale. Lyrics by Harry Graham and Frederick Lonsdale. Additional songs by Leslie Stuart and Sigmund Romberg - Daly's Theatre, London 21 February, 1922; as The Lady in Ermine (Book by Frederick Lonsdale and Cyrus Wood. Lyrics by Harry Graham and Cyrus Wood) Ambassador Theatre, New York 2 October 1922, transferred to Century Theatre, New York 29 January, 1923 (238 perfs)

Musical Numbers: include

  1. Silhouettes
  2. With Me
  3. A Woman's No!
  4. I Love You So
  5. Our Flat
  6. When Men Grow Older
  7. Catch a Butterfly When You Can (Music by Leslie Stuart)
  8. Land O' Mine