Sleeve to Decca Broadway Reissue Cast RecordingTHE RED MILL

Music by Victor Herbert

Original book & lyrics by Henry Blossom. New Book by Milton Lazarus: Additional lyrics by Forman Brown. Musical arrangements by Edward Ward: As produced by Edwin Lester at the Los Angeles Civi Light Opera Association

Knickerbocker Theatre, Broadway - 24 September, 1906
Empire Theatre, London - 26 December, 1919

Ziegfeld Theatre, Broadway - 16 October, 1945
Palace Theatre, London - 1 May, 1947 (revision by Harold Purcell


Set in the Netherlands village of Katwyck-aan-Zee, two Americans are stranded penniless in the little inn, "The Sign of the Red Mill". Trying to sneak out of the inn without paying their bill, they are caught and thrown into jail. The Innkeeper, however, pities their plight and arranges for their release to work at the inn until the amount owed is paid off.

The Innkeeper, Willem, and Burgomaster have daughter trouble. Neither girl is willing to accept as husband the men their fathers have selected for them. Gretchen loves Captain Doris van Damm while her father prefers the governor of Zeeland. Our two Americans, Con and Kid become Gretchen's allies in her efforts to marry the Captain and assist in Gretchen and van Damm eloping. Willem overhears the lovers' plot and tells the Burgomaster. He locks Gretchen in the mill where she pines away for the man she loves. Kid and Con try to rescue her by taking her through the window and to safety on the arms of the windmill. However, the Burgomaster has made all arrangements for the marriage of his daughter to the governor. The wedding festivities are enlivened by the intermittent appearance of our two Americans in various disguises in an attempt to delay the wedding. When it is discovered that Captain Van Damm is heir to a large fortune, all resistance to him collapses: the lovers are united and the Americans return home to New York.


Male 10; Female 10; Plus Chorus

Con Kidder, Kid Connor - Two Americans "doing" Europe
Burgomaster Jan van Borken- of Katwyck-aan-Zee
Bertha- his sister
Gretchen- his daughter
Willem- innkeeper at the "Red Mill"
Tina- his daughter
Captain Doris van Damm
Franz - the sheriff of Katwyck-aan-Zee
The Governor of Zeeland
Joshua Pennyfeather - an English solicitor
Countess de la Fère - an automobilist
Flora, Dora, Lena, Anna, Phyllis, Madge, etc.

Musical Numbers

  1. By the Side of the Mill - Chorus
  2. Mignonette - Tina
  3. A Widow Has Ways - Bertha
  4. Go While the Goin' Is Good - Gretchen
  5. Whistle It - Tina
  6. The Isle of Our Dreams - Doris & Gretchen
  7. An Accident - Ensemble
  8. Moonbeams - Gretchen
  9. Gossip Chorus - Company
  10. Legend of the Mill - Bertha
  11. I Want You To Marry Me - Con & Tina
  12. Every Day is Ladies' Day With Me - Governor
  13. Because You're You - Governor & Bertha
  14. The Streets of Old New York - Con & Kid
  15. Wedding Chorus - Company


Violin 1 & 2; Cello; Bass; Reed 1, 2, 3 & 4; Horn; Trumpet 1, 2 & 3; Trombone 1 & 2; Percussion 1 & 2; Guitar 1 & 2; Piano; Electric Piano