by M. Brody and F. Martos : adapted for the English stage by Gladys Unger
Lyrics by Arthur Anderson and Adrian Ross : Music by Victor Jacobi

Knickerbocker Theatre, Broadway - 22 September, 1913 (80 perfs)
Daly's Theatre, London 1913

Musical Numbers:

Act I

  1. Little Chiquita - Pablo and Chorus
  2. Compliments - Mariposa, Kitty and Jack
  3. Never Count Your Chickens Before They're Hatched - Emma and Blinker
  4. American Courtship - Kitty
  5. The One I Love - Mariposa and Jack
  6. Come On Boys For This Is Market Day - Chorus
  7. Hand In Hand - Mariposa, Jack, Kitty and Hurlingham

Act II

  1. All the Ladies Love a Sailor Man - Captain
  2. Love Of Mine - Mariposa and Jack
  3. The Middy - Kitty
  4. A 1 - Blinker
  5. On Their Honeymoon - Company
  6. June Is In the Air - Mariposa and Jack
  7. Answers - Kitty
  8. How Things Happen - Hurlingham and Blinker


  1. It's Late Now - Blinker
  2. Jilolo - Kitty

Additional Numbers

  1. I'm Not A Silly Billy - Kitty
  2. The Boy In Blue - Captain
  3. I Don't Believe In Fairies Now - Blinker
  4. The Heart of a Sailor - Captain and chorus
  5. Very Little Time For Loving Nowadays - Blinker and chorus
  6. Joy Bells - Blinker and chorus

The above listing is taken from the original vocal score. There is considerable difference between this grouping and that which was presented in America. The following songs do not appear in the Vocal Score.

  1. Boys
  2. By the Country Stile
  3. Come Nestle In My Arms
  4. The Futurist Whirl
  5. Golden Day Of Love
  6. It Might Be an Oomps Sight Worse

It might well be that these are the Americanised versions of those included in the English version.

  • Jack Fleetwood - known as "Slippery Jack"
  • Senator Abe K. Gilroy
  • Bald-Faced Sandy - Sheriff of Mendocino bluff and proprietor of the Palace Hotel


  • Mexican Bill
  • Shorty
  • Tabasco Ned
  • Cheyenne Harry

Hi-Ti - a Chinese bar-keeper
Padre Pedro - A Spanish Priest
Captain on the 'Mariposa'

Guests on the yacht

  • Dolly
  • Pansy
  • Peach
  • Dora
  • Dolores
  • Kitty Kent
Spanish and American cowboys, Spanish and American girls, Miners, Sailors, Guests, Middies, Footmen, etc.

Synopsis of scenes:

Act 1 - Mendocino Bluff, Southern California
Act 2 - The Yacht Mariposa anchored in the Bay of San Francisco
Act 3 - Senator Gilroy's Palace, San Francisco