Yury Sergeyevich Milyutin

Russian composer. Born Moscow, 18 April, 1903: died Moscow, 10 June, 1968 . Milyutin studied with Vasilenko and Alexandrov at the Municipal Technical school. He was an actor in his youth but then started composing, principally for the theatre; he is recognised as one of the masters of Soviet operetta. His works, as well as being staged in Russia, have been performed all over Eastern Europe

Stage Works:


  1. Zhizn' aktyora [The life of an actor], 1940;

  2. Devichiy perepolokh [Girlish commotion], 1944;

  3. Bespokoynoye schast'ye [Unsettled happiness], 1947;

  4. Trembita, 1949;

  5. Pervaya lyubov' [First love], 1950;

  6. Lyubushka, 1952;

  7. Potseluy Chanitï [Chanita's kiss], 1956;

  8. Fonari-fonariki [Lamps - little lamps], 1958;

  9. Tsirk zazhigayet ogni [The circus lights fires], 1961;

  10. Anyutinï glazki [Anyutina's eyes], 1964;

  11. Tikhaya semeyka [The quiet little family], 1968