Oskar Nedbal

Czech composer, conductor and violist: Born Tábor, South Bohemia, 26 March, 1874; died Zagreb 24 December, 1930.

Nedbal was principal conductor with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra 1896 - 1906. He was also a guest conductor throughout Europe. He was a founder member of teh Bohemian String Quartet.

Stage Works

  1. Die keusche Barbara (Chaste Barbara); operetta; Prague; 1910: Theater am der Wein, Vienna; 7 October, 1911

  2. Polenblut (Polish Blood); operetta in 3 scenes; Libretto by Leo Stein; Carltheater, Vienna 25 October, 1913

  3. Die Winzerbraut (The Vineyard Bride); 1916

  4. Die schöne Saskia; Vienna; 1917

  5. Eriwan; 1918

  6. Sedlák Jakub (Peasant Jacob); opera; libretto by L. Novák after Lope de Vega; Brno 1919-20