(Charles) Rudolf Friml

[pseudonym - Roderick Freeman] : American composer and pianist, of Czech birth.: born Prague, 7 December, 1879; died Los Angeles, 12 November 1972).

Music collection archived in the music library of the University of California at Los Angeles.

Stage Works

  1. O Mitake San (ballet) Dresden, 1905

  2. The Firefly (Comedy Opera; 3 acts; Book & Lyrics Otto Harbach) Lyric Theatre - 2 December, 1912; Casino Theatre 30 December, 1912

  3. High Jinks (Musical Jollity (Comedy); 3 Acts; Book by Leo Dietrichstein and Otta Harbach - Based on Les Dragées d'Hercule by Maurice Hannequin and Paul Bilhaud); Lyric Theatre - 10 December, 1913; Casino Theatre 12 January 1914 (213 perfs)

  4. The Peasant Girl (Musical Play; 3 Acts; Based on the original Viennese Polenblut by Leo Stein, adapted by Edgar Smith. Music by Oskar Nedbal. Additional music by Rudolf Friml. Lyrics by Herbert Reynolds and Harold Atterbridge); 44th Street Theatre 2 March 1915 (111 perfs)

  5. Katinka (Musical Play;3 Acts; Book and Lyrics by Otto Harbach ) 44th Street Theatre 23 December

  6. You're in Love (Musical Play; 2 Acts; Book and Lyrics by Otto Harbach and Edward Clark); Casino Theatre 30 June 1917 (167 perfs);

  7. Kitty Darlin' (Musical Romance; 3 Acts; Book and Lyrics byy Otto Harbach. Based on the play Sweet Kitty Bellairs by David Belasco and the novel by Edgerton Castle); Casino Theatre 7 November, 1917 (14 perfs)

  8. Sometime (Musical Romance; 2 Acts; Book and Lyrics by Rida Johnson Young); Shubert Theatre 14 October 1918; Casino Theatre 11 November, 1918 (283 perfs)

  9. Glorianna (Play with Music; 3 Acts; Book and Lyrics by Catherine Chisholm Cushing, based on her play A Widow By Proxy.); Liberty Theatre 28 October 1918 (96 perfs)

  10. Tumble In (Comic Rhapsody in Two Raps and Four Taps (Musical Comedy in 2 Acts, 4 scenes); Book and Lyrics by Otto Harbach. Based on the farce Seven Days by Mary Roberts Rinehart and Acery Hopwood) Selwyn Theatre 24 March 1919 (128 perfs)

  11. The Little Whopper (Musical Comedy Exquisite in 2 Acts, 5 scenes; Book by Otto A. Harbach based on the film Miss George Washington. Lyrics by Bide Dudley and Otto Harbach) Casino Theatre

  12. June Love (Musical Play in 2 Acts; Book by Otto Harbach and W.H. Post. Based on the story In Search of a Sinner by Charlotte Thompson. Lyrics by Brian Hooker); Knickerbocker Theatre 25 April, 1921 (48 perfs)

  13. The Blue Kitten (Musical Comedy; 3 Acts; Book and Lyrics by Otto Harbach and William Cary Duncan. Based on the farce Le Chasseur de Chez Maxims by Gustave Quinson and Yves Mirande) Selwyn Theatre 13 January 1922; Earl Carroll Theatre 1 May 1922 (140 perfs)

  14. Cinders (Comedy with Music; 2 Acts, 6 Scenes; Book and lyrics by Edward Clark); Dresden Theatre 3 April 1923 (31 perfs)

  15. Rose Marie (Musical Play; 2 Acts, 10 scenes; Book and Lyrics by Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein II.  Additional music by Herbert Stothart); Imperial Theatre

  16. The Vagabond King (Musical Play; 4 Acts, 6 Scenes; Book and Lyrics by Brian Hooker & W.H. Post. Based on Justine McCarthy's play If I Were King adapted from the nivel by R.H. Russell); Casino Theatre 15 November

  17. No Foolin' (Musical Revue; 2 Acts, 31 Scenes; Comedy sketches by P. McEvoy & James Barton); Globe Theatre 24 June 1926 (108 perfs)

  18. The Wild Rose (Musical Play; 2 Acts, 10 Scenes; Book and Lyrics by Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein II); Martin Beck Theatre 20 October 1926 (61 perfs)

  19. The White Eagle (Musical Play; 3 Acts and Prologue; Book and Lyrics by Brian Hooker and W.H. Post. Based on the play The Squaw Man by Edwin Milton Royle); Casino Theatre 26 December 1927 (48 perfs)

  20. The Three Musketeers (Musical Play; 2 Acts, 12 Scenes; Book by William Anthony McGuire. Based on Les Trois Mousquetaires by Alexandre Dumas); Lyric Theatre 13 March 1928 (318 perfs)

  21. Luana (Musical Romance of the South Seas; Book by H.E. Rogers adapted from The Birds of Paradise by Richard Tully. Lyrics by J. Keirn Brennan); Hammerstein Theatre 17 September, 1930 (21 perfs)

  22. Music Hath Charms or Annina (Play with Music; 2 Acts. 13 Scenes; Book and Lyrics by Rowland Leigh, George Rosener, John Shubert); Majestic Theatre 29 December 1934 (25 perfs)